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Booked My Staycation at 88 Courtyard Hotel Through Traveloka App

I have to be honest. I need a break.

Stress is not even enough to explain what I am going through. All I know is there’s just too much. Too much work for too little number of people. There’s no motivation nor inspiration to draw somewhere. Nothing. As in nothing. It’s sad, yet I know that this is a situation that I have no control over. So I have to keep going, and I have to do something for myself.

If you can’t find inspiration, search for it. Take a break and clear your mind.

Travel helps me a lot on this. My recent trip to a farm in Tanay, Rizal and talking with fellow travel bloggers was a big help.

Hotel Booking
Credit: 88 Courtyard Hotel Website

Another way for me to relax is through staycation. Sometimes being in a quiet cozy hotel room and not minding about the world is good for your well-being. I’ve done that many times, and I know I need a staycation anytime soon, so I booked a room at my favorite hotel in Pasay City, 88 Courtyard Hotel via Traveloka App.

Hotel Booking Traveloka

After downloading the app, I tried it by browsing hotels in different locations. Traveloka is so easy to navigate that once you open it, you will immediately get it. I mean you will instantly understand how to use it!

I chose the hotels tab and directed to another page to search for the desired hotel. Since I already knew the hotel that I wanted, I just put there the name of the hotel which is 88 Courtyard Hotel, set the date, duration and other details. And then I was directed to the hotel’s page. I selected my desired room, got the price and booked using my credit card. It was fast and easy.

Traveloka Hotel BookingHotel Booking Traveloka

I decided to book again with 88 Courtyard Hotel because I know they can give me the relaxation that I badly needed. It has a swimming pool, spacious room and breakfast. I stayed there once and I enjoyed it.

I selected the Superior King Room with Breakfast. Traveloka has the most affordable rate among other booking sites and it has no hidden fees. The room price that you see at the booking part is the same rate that will be charged to you till the end. Once finished with the booking, you can always check the details at the My Booking Tab.

Hotel booking TravelokaHotel booking Traveloka

In case you are having hard time looking for that perfect hotel, Traveloka has filters that can help you decide. You may just put the location in the destination field and you will be given the list of best hotels based on reviews. Once you’ve decided, just choose the hotel, select the room, check the price and process the booking.

The good thing with Traveloka is, aside from credit and debit cards, it also has other payment options to choose from, you may do it over the counter using Traveloka’s partner payment centers, or  you can also go for Dragonpay Online Banking solution. So in case you don’t have a credit card, you can still book through Traveloka App.

Hotel Booking TravelokaHotel booking Traveloka


For those who needed a break from work and city stress, why don’t you try staycation? And use Traveloka App in booking that perfect hotel for you to unwind.