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Ungab Rock Formation in Mongpong Island, Marinduque

“We will go to the rock formation tomorrow morning.”

Son (owner of S&B Adventure) told us after we had our dinner that night. Before our Manilawaya Island trip, I did some research and I only got some details about Maniwaya Island itself and the Palad Sandbar. I didn’t know there is a rock formation in this island in Marinduque.

It was a big deal because the words “rock formation” now have a totally new meaning for me when I got a chance to experience some stunning ones in my previous travels, like the Animasola Island in Masbate.

So the next morning, we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise by the beach together with a satisfying breakfast. After a few minutes, our boat was ready to bring us there.

It was another 30 minute boat ride from Maniwaya Island going to Mongpong Island where this rock formation is located. It was quite a surprise that the waves were much bigger in this part of the islands. As we approached the tip of the island, we saw this stunning rock formation that looked like an arch or a natural bridge. It has this hole below that gives enough shade for the swimmers.

When we got off the boat and had a chance to talk some locals, they said that they call this huge rock as Ungab Rock Formation.

Ungab Rock Formation Mongpong Island Maniwaya Marinduque

Ungab Rock Formation Mongpong Island Maniwaya Marinduque
Ungab Rock Formation

They call this Ungab because this is located in Sitio Ungab in Mongpong Island. If some just went straight to swimming. Eloi and I just stayed at the beach first to take some photos. She just loves taking pictures so as a good boyfriend, I obliged by taking some photos of her and of course, our selfies.

Ungab Rock Formation Mongpong Island Maniwaya Marinduque
Body guard? Akina na ang kopita. 🙂

Ungab Rock Formation Mongpong Island Maniwaya Marinduque

There are some rock formations along the shore which are perfect for that dream pictorial. Haha!

Aside from the rocks itself, the place looks even more inviting because of the crystal clear water. It only took a matter of minutes when we finally joined the crowd to swim and relax. It was summer then, so the cool water was just enough to give us our much needed relaxation.

By swimming underneath the opening of the rock formation is a cave that a lot of tourists dared to explore.

When our newfound friends were exploring the rest of the place, Eloi and I just settled on the beach to walk and enjoy each other’s company. When we saw these lady vendors selling halo-halo, we just couldn’t resist the temptation. We needed something to refresh us from the island heat.

We just sat there eating halo-halo and enjoying the spectacular view of the beach, and the entire Mongpong Island. Some boatmen told us that summer is really the time of the year when a lot of tourists from Manila and even from the nearby provinces of Marinduque travel to Maniwaya Island. And the Ungab Rock Formation is part of the island hopping getaway!

Ungab Rock Formation Mongpong Island Maniwaya Marinduque

Ungab Rock Formation Mongpong Island Maniwaya Marinduque

Ungab Rock Formation Mongpong Island Maniwaya Marinduque

Ungab Rock Formation Mongpong Island Maniwaya Marinduque

Ungab Rock Formation is totally unexpected. When I arrived on the island, all I knew was an idea of a rock formation.

But the moment I left, I took with me some memories and experiences about the beautiful islands of the province. It was not just a usual rock formation anymore, now it has a name and it’s Ungab! 🙂

I’ll never get tired of saying that Marinduque is a surprise. Sometimes I ask why a lot of tourists kept on visiting the top destinations in the country, when still there is a lot more to discover.

Next time you plan for another island getaway, choose some off the beaten path and travel to Marinduque.


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