Top things to do in Whistler BC Canada

With an atmosphere that is totally family friendly and a thriving and vibrant culture to go with it, there are no dearth of activities in the ultimate holiday mountain destination of Whistler. From an art connoisseur to an action seeker or just family and friends, the number of things to do in  Whistler, British Columbia, can keep any visitor on the toes all year round.

Apart from being one of the premier skiing resort of the world, Whistler BC is an equally active vacation spot in the summer as well. Also, it has some awesome Whistler vacation homes where you can stay and feel that homey vibe, a perfect alternative for hotels. Whistler is easily accessible from the Vancouver airport by the Pacific Coach service along the Sea to Sky highway.For any active fun-seeking outdoor enthusiast, here is a list of some of the top activities to indulge in on your next  vacation to British Columbia.

Whistler BC Canada
Credit: Whistler Tourism 

Outdoor activities

A holiday in British Columbia is bound to thrill everyone from a hard core trekker to even the most reluctant traveler. Camping in settings that are incredibly beautiful, hiking the backcountry side or mountain biking in the toughest of terrains, or just exploring the aboriginal history of the area makes BC a major tourist hub.

The waters of Whistler BC, too, offer exciting options for salmon and halibut fishing, or kayaking and canoeing along the pristine coastline and the popular Bowron lakes region. Diving, whale watching and rafting are other adrenaline filled activities one can take part in.



There are a plethora of attractions in Whistler BC, to take care of the whims and fancy of solo travelers, large groups or just friends and colleagues. Depending on the area you happen to be in, there are scenic gardens, museums, plays and sporting events available to the visitor.

The local Visitor Centers, will gladly provide the full range of information on the attractions which can be availed off in the respective area.


Take in the scenery at Alta Lake

One of the most scenic of all the mountain lakes in the Whistler area, the Alta lake can be easily accessed from the Whistler village on a bike or simply by foot. The Rainbow park on the western periphery of the lake provides spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and even features a great sandy beach.


Enjoy the Nightlife

As soon as the sun sets, Whistler wakes up in its pristine  glory with the various bars, clubs and restaurants all coming to life. The Village Square,  is one such place where tourists can enjoy quality time walking along the many sidewalk cafes lined up on either side.


Ski at Whistler Blackcomb

Located on Blackcomb way, 121 km north of Vancouver BC, this world famous ski resort also offers its guests other activities like, snowboarding and biking. A number of shops, cafés and eating options along with fitness centers cater to the demands of the throngs of enthusiasts who flock to Whistler Blackcomb.

The resort is accessed by an open air cable car, known as the Peak 2 gondola, which connects Whistler and Blackcomb.  This is easily the largest place to ski in the whole of North America and also the most visited.


Admire the Audain Art Museum

Combining stunning architecture with serene art galleries, the building itself of the Audain Art Museum, is well worth the cost of the entry ticket. The museum proudly houses an impressive collection of artists from British Columbia and rotating collections.

The exhibits at Audain Art Museum are thoughtfully procured and well curated. They offer glimpses of the historic as well as the contemporary art of Canada. Collections from Japan to Mexico are also on display.


Hike up to the Black Tusk

This unmistakable landmark, situated at an elevation of 2319 m, is a stratovolcano in Garibaldi Provincial Park BC, whose black jagged peak, which visible from long distances, makes it easy to recognise.

Easily the most spectacular looking mountain of the region, the Black Tusk offers superb hiking opportunities to enthusiasts from Garibaldi lake or Taylor Meadows, with an option to camp midway and climb the next morning.


Visit the Whistler Olympic Plaza

Though the journey from Vancouver to Village Stroll may seem rather long, once you reach the Whistler Olympic Plaza, your travel woes would be long forgotten.

The plaza has splendid areas to walk around, with an abundance of shops and restaurants. The lodging facilities are high class, and as far as activities are concerned, there are numerous hiking trails all round the place.


Camp at the Nairn Falls Provincial Park

The 170 hectare Nairn Falls Provincial Park, is ideally located close to the highway near Pemberton, in Whistler BC, making it a fun spot for families and children to spend time and camp overnight. The site is clean and the common areas are well maintained.

There are some rocky portions on, the otherwise simple, one mile trail leading to the waterfall area. The park area is quite secluded and peaceful. Even though there is no electricity, the place is highly recommended.

The immensely popular resort of Whistler is nestled between the two mountains, namely, Whistler and Blackcomb, which together constitute one of the largest winter playgrounds in all of North America. The scenic journey along Highway 99, which connects the place, passes through a untamed rivers, lakes, forests and volcanic peaks, and is said to be the most spectacular road trip in Canada.


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