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15 Best CABIN RESORTS near MANILA (Bulacan, Rizal, Batangas etc.)

Reconnecting with nature has always been the best escape we could ever ask for, especially for those of us who are living in the metro and relentlessly surviving through the everyday hustle and bustle. We all deserve a vacation with our loved ones every now and then, you know. To forget about everything over the weekend, bond with each other, make happy memories, and more! But with the recent increase in the prices of fuel and transportation, many of us are now hesitating to book a reservation for resorts in provinces. Well, then I have great news for you!

One of the trending attractions right now, especially if you’re looking for an affordable staycation that’s only within an hour or two drive away from Manila is Cabin Resorts. These resorts offer a mentally relaxing and peaceful getaway while you’re chilling at an aesthetic cabin fully-equipped with everything that you need! Some of these cabins are located inside a farm, on a mountain, by the lake, with spectacular sea views, and such. So it’ll definitely give you camping vibes, but with much better accommodation. After all, it’s the sense of being able to get closer and closer to nature that counts, right? And by staying in these incredible Cabin Resorts, that’s exactly what we’re trying to accomplish!

So, are you ready for another awe-inspiring adventure with me? Well, I sure hope you are! Come with me as we both discover the 15 Best Cabin Resorts near Manila!


1. The Cabin Resorts | Bulacan

Number one on the list and absolutely the top choice of many is no other than The Cabin Resorts. It’s only located in San Miguel, Bulacan, which is only about one and a half hours away from Manila. The resort features several loft-type cabins that differ in size but are all guaranteed to have aesthetically pleasing designs. The cabins are also inside a huge farm, so guests will surely have a quiet and tranquil staycation with family and friends.

Of course, there are also other amenities and exciting activities within the resort such as swimming pools, bikes, and even kayaking around the resort’s lakes! If you want to level up your experience, then I suggest that you take on the challenge of riding an ATV and tour around the entire farm or have a competition with your barkada. The best way to end the day is by gathering around the bonfire at night to simply chill around, bond with your loved ones, make friends, and eat some toasted marshmallows!

The Cabin Resorts

Photo: The Cabin Resorts FB


2. Crusoe Cabins | Batangas

Next up, we’ll be staying at one of the most unique resorts that are absolutely perfect for family and barkadas. Crusoe Cabins is a chic and rustic resort inspired by the novel Robinson Crusoe. All of the cabins are beautifully furnished and carefully designed to blend in with the amazing tropical island life you’re about to enjoy for your vacation.

The rooms come with wonderful bedrooms with hotel-quality beds, and also there’s a separate living room and a porch terrace where you can simply chill out and breathe in the fresh air! Guests can also expect to enjoy premium amenities such as flat-screen TVs, a spacious toilet and bath, and your very own mini bar for favorite drinks and beverages.

Crusoe Cabins

Photo by Agoda

There are several choices of Cabin types to choose from so feel free to pick the one which will make you feel at home the most. Personally, I like to enjoy the spectacular view of the sea right outside my window so I’d pick either the Beachfront Cabin or the Seaview Cabin. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


3. San Rafael River Adventure | San Rafael

One of the most popular attractions and resorts in Bulacan is the one and only San Rafael River Adventure. Aside from its fun and exciting activities that will surely make memories of a lifetime, the resort also has elegant cabin-inspired rooms to make your stay extra special!

Their iconic Stilt Glass Cabin and Glamping Tents surely promise a luxurious and premier way to reconnect with nature while also admiring the beauty of our traditional Nipa Huts. The main attraction here at San Rafael River Adventure is the chance for guests to join a fantastic river cruise while enjoying a gastronomical feast of delicious Pinoy dishes in a floating restaurant.


4. Cabins by Eco Hotel | Tagaytay

Well, who wouldn’t want to stay in Tagaytay and have a room where you can see the entirety of Taal Lake’s majestic beauty? This is absolutely the reason why Cabins by Eco Hotel is one of the best choices for Cabin Resorts near Metro Manila. Aside from offering beautiful cabin rooms all equipped with premium facilities and amenities, they also have some of the most affordable prices in the market!

Cabins by Eco Hotel

Photo: Agoda

Every room consists of a queen-sized bed, flat-screen TV with cable channels, and a spacious toilet and bath. You can choose from their Standard Room, Garden View Room, Lake View Room, and Family Room. And if you’re feeling hungry, they have their very own restaurant on the rooftop, Chinampa Taqueria, serving you delicious Mexican delights while you admire the mesmerizing view of Taal Lake. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


5. Cabin Look Resort | Bulacan

Located in Malolos, Bulacan, Cabin Look Resort has got to be one of the nearest tropical oases you can find if ever you’re living within Metro Manila. The resort features cabin-inspired rooms with a huge private swimming pool which is perfect for holding special events and gatherings like birthdays, reunions, weddings, and more.

It’s a private resort so if you’re planning a getaway with your family or barkada, then Cabin Look Resort is definitely one of the top choices!


6. A Cabin by Calix | Rodriguez, Rizal

If you crave the cool and relaxing mountain breeze as you enjoy a well-deserved vacation with your loved ones, then I suggest that you book a reservation here at A Cabin by Calix! It’s conveniently located here at Rodriguez, Rizal which is only about a couple of hours away from Manila.

It actually only takes a few minutes if you’re living in Quezon City, so this one’s perfect for all our city peeps out there! The resort features a unique and modern cabin-inspired room where your friends and family can have a great time. There’s also a huge pool and an outdoor dining area where you can have dinner and drinks while swimming at night!

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7. Lucia’s Tagaytay | Cavite

Another top choice for Cabin Resorts in Tagaytay is Lucia’s Tagaytay. This is actually a spacious and modern bed and breakfast spot in Silang, Cavite where you can comfortably spend the night before going on an exciting trip to Tagaytay.

There are 22 available cabin-inspired rooms all furnished with premium facilities to make your stay as special as possible. With a huge 3.6-hectares of property area, I’m sure that you’ll be able to have a great time, especially with the resort’s list of exciting amenities like the swimming pool, hammocks, basketball court, Mini Tunnel and Bridge, Lettuce and vegetable garden, bicycle rides, and more! For a simple and affordable family getaway, Lucia’s Tagaytay is indeed one of the best choices.

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8. Cielo Alto Place | Tanay, Rizal

Well, if you’re looking for the perfect place that’s overlooking the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range, then you better try out Cielo Alto Place only in Tanay, Rizal! The resort features elegant cabin-inspired rooms that all have exclusive access to a breathtaking view of the mountains and the sea of clouds.

The highest degree of comfort and convenience are waiting for you and your loved ones here at Cielo Alto Place while you dine and bond above the clouds. Surely, you’ll find lots of Instagrammable spots around here so be sure to check them all out!

Oh, and Cielo Alto Place also has its very own restaurant where you can enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Dine-in customers are more than welcome so if you just want to try out their food, then by all means have fun!


9. Uncle Rod’s Tiny Cabin | Laguna

Okay, we’ve already been above the mountains, by the sea, and inside a farm, right? How about we find someplace that’s beside a lake? Here at Uncle Rod’s Tiny Cabin, you’ll get to experience what it’s like to live a simple country life by staying in a cabin designed like a traditional bamboo and Nipa hut.

The cabin is fully furnished and has its own toilet and bath where you can have a great night’s sleep. Uncle Rod’s Tiny Cabin is located at Caliraya in Cavinti, Laguna, where you’ll be guaranteed a safe, tranquil, and relaxing escape that you truly deserve. Oh, and there’s also a mini swimming pool right beside the cabin to make your stay even more special!


10. Terra Pod | Village East in Angono, Rizal

Terra Pod in Village East, Angono, offers the newest and most affordable cabin lodging experience you can find in Rizal. Experience tucking yourselves away within nature’s beauty and have a fully-furnished cabin all for you! Terra Pod is a perfect date and getaway spot for lovely couples out there.

It’s like a beautiful camping experience because all you’ll hear is the quiet and peaceful rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the sound of nature around you. The cabin has a hotel-quality bed, a well-equipped kitchen, and a wide dining space for you to chill and relax. Great stuff!


11. The Ellsworth Cabin | Tanay, Rizal

Another must-visit Cabin Resort that’s just near Metro Manila is The Ellsworth Cabin in Tanay, Rizal. Now this one’s not an ordinary resort because it has a lot of fun and exciting kinds of stuff that are perfect for adventurers out there! Trust me, this resort is perfect for barkadas and millennials out there because they have plenty of trail rides featuring ATVs, tricycles, boats, and even 4x4s available. They typically have trail packages ranging from two (2) to four (4) hours that will surely attract adventurous groups of friends out there.

Oh, and the great thing is that after a tiring yet incredible day of adventure, you can expect to chill and relax in premium quality cabins that are fully equipped with clean and comfortable facilities.


12. Cabin in the Forest | Tanay, Rizal

Cabin in the Forest is yet another beautiful Cabin Resort that’s located in Tanay, Rizal, which offers affordable packages for day tours and overnight stays. Posh and elegant cabin rooms are waiting to accommodate your well-deserved vacation with loved ones as you admire the enchanting beauty of Sierra Madre all day and night.

The resort is conveniently located along the highway, giving guests the chance to explore nearby restaurants, cafes, and stores. Cabin in the Forest also has lots of perfect places to capture Instagrammable photos such as the Viewdeck Area, garden, and each room’s verandas as well. You can also avail of the promo of free breakfast for two (2) when you book a room!

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13. Kamp Maysawa | Tanay, Rizal

Ah, and there it is! One of the trending resorts for barkadas out there is Kamp Maysawa of Tanay, Rizal. The private resort features the ultimate all-in camping experience that’s perfect for bonding and making memories for your loved ones!

You can rent the whole cabin house that can accommodate up to 20 pax and enjoy their sulit amenities like a swimming pool, hammocks, tent spots, rotating pool table, BBQ facilities, and even Samgyupsal pans and grills! As I’ve said, this is perfect for barkadas out there because you’ll have the chance to gather around the bonfire, play some board games, and share amazing stories with each other. On top of all that, you’ll get to have an astounding view of the mountains and sea of clouds all to yourselves!


14. Sky Cabin | Tanay, Rizal

Do you sometimes wonder what it feels like to live on top of the mountains and embrace the calming mountain breeze all to yourself? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get and more here at the Sky Cabin, also in Tanay, Rizal. The owner really intended for the cabin to exude authentic probinsya feels for everyone, so they’ll have the chance to reconnect with nature and unplug from all the stress and problems in the city.

Sky Cabin

Photo: Sky Cabin

The cabin is made of bamboo and features comfortable beds with coffee chairs and tables right on the porch. Well, nothing beats a cup of brewed coffee during the chilly nights in the mountains where you simply chill beside the firepit, right?


15. Kwentong Dagat | Zambales

Ah, this last one is a little bit far away from Manila but trust me, it’s totally worth it! Kwentong Dagat is a one-of-a-kind cabin resort located in an isolated fishing village in Zambales. Here, you’ll get a chance to try and live an authentic island life where guests can stay at native Nipa Huts facing the beautiful West Philippine Sea, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city! Kwentong Dagat offers three (3) types of accommodation to its guests. You can either choose from the Standard Nipa Cabin, Abaca Room, or Deluxe Nipa Cabin. All of these cozy rooms are furnished with standard facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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I’ve got to warn you though, because if you’re looking for a luxury type of resort, then I suggest you look somewhere else. Kwentong Dagat promotes the beauty and simplicity of island life, so they don’t focus on offering luxurious services but rather a calming island experience!


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