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CEBU: My Stay at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa

Who would have thought that a simple dude who writes can stay at Shangrila Mactan Cebu for free?

Thanks to Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines for inviting me to be part of the Visayan leg of TBEX Post tour. Early morning, we arrived in Cebu from Bohol through ferry and we immediately started to tour the city.

Then, we checked in at Shangrila Mactan Cebu [Hotel Details Here]. For those who are planning to stay at this hotel, you better prepare your credit cards because they’re requiring every guest to have their credit cards photocopied. This is I guess the hotel’s way to charge you if ever you destroyed something in your room. Hahaha! Of all the hotels that I’ve stayed this is my first time to experience this. Is this how sosyal luxurious hotels work?

I know some will not agree to this, but if this is the policy, well we should just follow then. I wonder what would be the reaction of someone who is so paranoid and doesn’t want to give that information?

Cebu Shangrila Mactan Resort

But this added process in check-in was compensated by the hotel’s room, amenities and service.

I liked what I saw when I entered my room. The bed was huge and comfortable. Probably one of the most comfortable beds in all of the hotels that I’ve tried. Ms. Cassandra, the hotel’s Director of Communications told us during our dinner that all of their mattresses are specifically made from Atlanta. They’re very particular with that to ensure the nice sleep of their guests. Well, I did have a sound sleep that night. 🙂

Cebu Shangrila Mactan Resort

Cebu Shangrila Mactan Resort

My room also has a veranda. Shangrila Mactan is also surrounded by nature, something that I enjoyed the most.

One thing I’ve noticed is the quality of every little detail. Usually hotels would just have a mediocre toiletries regardless of the price, but not Shangrila Mactan, you can distinguish the quality from little bottles of shampoo to your toothbrush!

During that night, we had a dinner at the hotel’s posh restaurant, Cowrie Cove.

You know, I’m really not a big fan of fine dining. I’m more into the usual fiesta food type with lots of rice and overflowing adobo or menudo hahaha! But it isn’t bad to experience it right? It was also a chance for all of my fellow travel bloggers from different parts of the world to chit-chat and get to know more of one another.

The main course was Roasted US choice Beef Fillet with Poached Onion and Foie Gras Sauce. It was a huge chunk of meat that I gave up in trying to eat it all.

Cebu Shangrila Mactan Resort


Breakfast buffet is something to look forward to. This goes to patay-gutom food lovers out there .They have 2 restaurants that offer buffet breakfast and luckily, I’ve tried them both. One is  Tides, which is like the main restaurant located at the Garden Level Main Wing. It offers wide array of food ranging from Asian to Western cuisine.

If you’re into a chill morning while sipping your coffee, Acqua is perfect for you located at the Poolside, Ocean Wing. This doesn’t have the many food choices of Tides but will definitely give you your needed morning ambiance. Actually, I liked Acqua, lesser crowd and more stylish.

Shangrila Mactan also offers a very relaxing spa and massage treatment and we were just so lucky to experience it. Chi Spa was just perfect for us who’ve been traveling and exploring for days. After our island hopping we were brought to this relaxing space and had a nice traditional massage. It was not just the massage that was superb but also the service. Every guest has a personal space complete with amenities, and the robe was stylish too. Who am I to talk about style? Hahaha well, I just liked the color of the robe. Look!

Cebu Shangrila Mactan Resort

Feeling pogi lang. Hahaha!

On our last day, I had a chance to really explore the entire resort. I walked and found some nice spots to photograph. And what I liked the most was the beach. It was just a pretty small beach in front of the resort with fine sand and clear waters.  Plus look at those amenities on the beach. It makes me feel wanting to sit and relax while enjoying the sand, feeling the breeze from the sea.

Cebu Shangrila Mactan Resort


Book a Room at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort here!

Cebu Shangrila Mactan Resort

Cebu Shangrila Mactan Resort

Once in awhile, it’s nice to experience some luxury in your accommodation. And if you’re in Cebu and have the budget, why don’t you try Shangrila Mactan. It’s a resort with the perfect combination of quality amenities and nature.

If I had the chance and money, I’d never think twice to go back.


Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa (Room Rates and Booking)
Address: Punta Engano Road, Lapu-Lapu, Cebu, 6015, Philippines
Tel : (63 32) 231 0288
Fax: (63 32) 231 1688


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