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Situated at the western-most part of the province of Batangas, just beneath Lian, Calatagan is a place with a considerable distance from Manila. Being significantly closer to the metro than the likes of popular tourist destinations like Boracay, El Nido, Coron, etc., this 2nd-class municipality is only a few hours’ ride away by land transportation.

But while distance makes Calatagan an easy choice for travelers on a vacation from Manila, there is more to this destination than merely the idea of easy accessibility—it is also a spot on the Philippine map where some of the best beaches are found. Inevitably enough, it is also a place where good accommodations are established.


1. Crusoe Cabins

Inspired by a novel that helped shape the overall appearance of the Crusoe Cabins, this establishment offers a modern rendition of the traditional cabin asset in two different locations—in front of the beach or by the garden. Either way, both cabins have their own distinct beauty that caters to people of varying tastes.Crusoe Cabins

The Beachfront Cabins are ideal for guests who like to get it wet by being a few significant steps away from the beach. But not too away from the sea are the Garden Cabins which is partially surrounded by flowers and plants. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Brgy. Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines



2. Lago de Oro Hotel

Touted as the first-ever wake park in the Philippines, the Lago de Oro Hotel makes for a perfect destination for those who love water sports or for those who are going to experience the activity for the first time.

Lago de Oro Hotel

Yet, while having an enjoyable water activity makes for a major definition of the Lago de Oro Hotel, it is still a place where people come to unwind after being spent from leisure. Featuring a comprehensive list of amenities that you would be looking for in a hotel—or, in this case, a Ski Resort—staying at the Lago de Oro Hotel makes for a pampering experience. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Lago de Oro, Barrio Balibago, Calatagan, 4215 Batangas


3. Sunrise Cove

Many hotels would brand themselves as some of the chicest in the business by featuring architecture and a vibe that truly feels modern. Then, some chose to go for the complete opposite and stick with the basic, hoping the right people are enticed with simplicity. Such is the Sunrise Cove, a down-to-Earth establishment facing the seashore.

Sunrise Cove

The Sunrise Cove is not one to sell itself for being fancy. If anything, everything about the place feels rustic which gives the feeling that you are among the lowly natives of the place. Although not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, it offers a unique experience that you simply will not find anywhere else. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Bagong Silang, Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines


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4. Villa Patria Beach House

Family-owned and -operated, having a stay in the Villa Patria Beach House is like having an AirBNB in someone else’s property in Calatagan. Featuring a main house that can accommodate up to 8 people and an adjacent guest house that contains the communal dining area on the first floor and a large bedroom area on the second.Villa Patria Beach House

Pretty much, a stay in the Villa Patria is like having an experience of being a Calatagan native. This is hallmarked by the limited amenities which is partially supplemented by the service of the caretaker who is tasked with the upkeep of the place and the aid of the guests. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: 4215, Calatagan, 4215 Batangas


5. White Castle Resort & Hotel

The White Castle & Resort is not kidding when it chose its name. While, to the unaware, the naming may mean nothing but a made-up name to market a venue; in reality, the place really has a white-colored castle for its motif.

White Castle Resort & Hotel

This notion is clearly seen on the main building which does resemble a castle, albeit a small one. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Balibago, Calatagan 4215, Batangas


6. Wonder Farm Villa

When many hotels within Calatagan are sprung up from areas near a body of water, the Wonder Farm Villa differs when it is established in a piece of land where no natural bodies of water are seen about. Literally, a real estate with all the attributes of farmland, the Wonder Farm Villa combines the beauty of nature and the ingeniousness of human architecture.Wonder Farm Villa

Although the villa itself is set at a place that is distant from the beach, it, however, makes up for it by having its own set of pools. This, despite not being able to mimic the natural feel of the sea, has its own unique flair for entertainment for everyone to relish. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Silang Farm, Calatagan, Batangas


7. Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Covering a considerable amount of space which enables the establishment of various structures in the area, the Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort tries to diversify an otherwise monotonous and mundane setting. True to its name, this resort offers some unique accommodation across its eight cottages which are built from stilts on water, in addition to a host of other settlements, such as the tree houses, villa, and bungalow, as well as some beach cottages.Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

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But if there is a theme that permeates across Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort, it is that of elegance and simplicity which combines perfectly to match the beauty of even the most ornate of similar space.

For inquiries, you may check their website at

Address: Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas


8. Aquaria Water Park

Families or groups of people who are undecided as to whether hit the beach or the resort will find both options in one location at the Aquaria Water Park. Featuring a venue that is both natural and man-made, this place does not fall short of being stylish and amazing at the same time.Aquaria Water Park

Everything about the Aquaria Water Park screams outstanding artistic quality that is both marvelous and outstanding. Check their website here –

Address: Brgy. Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas

Here’s an awesome video about the resort from Trip ni Marianne.

9. Villa Del Faro

Villa Del Faro is a place of beauty as an establishment in Calatagan. Embodying a design that is foreign—and thereby exotic—to Filipino culture, the Villa Del Faro creates a vibe that is uncommon in the area, albeit not over-the-top.Villa Del Faro

Still, if you are looking for a place to marvel at due to the pique of curiosity as well as enjoy the nearby beach, the Villa Del Faro is likely not to disappoint.

Address: El Faro Compound, Baranggay Bagong Silang, Calatagan, Batangas


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