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Tali Beach Nasugbu Batangas

Tali Beach : A Weekend in a Cozy Beachfront House in Batangas

If you’re following my stories on this blog, probably you already have an idea of what kind of a traveler I am.

I am a backpacker, a budget traveler. I don’t let having meager to enough money hinder me to explore, because the truth is traveling is not that expensive after all.

But you know, once in a while it also feels good to indulge and treat yourself. Hey, I am not talking about those five-star hotels, not a fan of that kind of extravagance, unless it’s free. LOL!

What I am trying to say is after a life of months of mountains, beaches, camping, and homestays…it is also good to experience some total comfort, even just for a rare moment right? Especially if you’re going to spend it with friends and people dear to your heart.

So how about staying in a cozy beachfront house for a weekend? Sounds great right? That was exactly what I experienced with friends and my girlfriend, Eloi, a few months back.

And we’ve found the perfect house for us at Tali Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Tali Beach is slowly becoming a weekend destination among family, friends, and office workers who want to spend some quality time together, have some good laughs, and experience relaxation by the beach with a homey vibe.

I could still remember the excitement of my friends at the office when they told me they’ve found a perfect house for our weekend getaway. And when they told me it’s at the Tali Beach in Batangas. I said, “Tali Beach? Where’s that?” LOL!

Tali Beach (houses) caters to a very specific niche of customers or tourists. This is not for you if you’re looking for a jaw-dropping beauty of a beach which is the Philippines is known. The beach was just looking okay, definitely not as beautiful as Calaguas nor Jomalig Island but then again people go there for very specific reasons – to bond, talk, to cherish friendships.

If you crave to spend some time with your family, if you’re planning for a reunion with friends, or if you’re a bunch of corporate workers who are tired of the office drama and stress LOL! This is definitely for you!

The way going to Tali Beach is not that accessible to public transport, so it is better to have your own car or better rent a van for your family. (Travel guide below this post). It is also situated inside a private subdivision so there are rules to follow.

After about three hours of travel, we’ve finally arrived at the beachfront house my friends were raving about. Well, the house and view were quite interesting.

Tali Beach Nasugbu Batangas

The view from the beachfront house.

Tali Beach Nasugbu Batangas

The House.

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It’s a beautiful two-storey house with 4 bedrooms complete with proper amenities. This is ideal for 10 to 12 people, so perfect for a huge family or barkada.

At that time, there was a low-pressure area (LPA) coming so the weather was not that cooperative, but the view was enough to relax and destress,

The most memorable for me was the time when we were all helping one another to cook and prepare our food. It’s definitely a way to get to know your friends more, to get a glimpse of their individual personality. Well, at that time, I realized why I enjoy being with these people, we all love to eat and we help and contribute when needed.

Tali Beach Nasugbu Batangas

Fresh na fresh. Preparing our breakfast!


It was a feast during dinner! We set up a long table outside and enjoy the food and our company. The grilled fish, pork coupled with vegetable and delectable sauces were even more delicious when enjoyed with friends. After dinner, we all moved to a wide space on the second floor for a drinking session.

The next morning we were welcomed by a good sunrise, signaling a better weather condition. That just means we can all enjoy the beach and swim.

Again, the beach and the sand was just okay, so don’t expect too much. But then again, it was enough for some relaxing experience.

Tali Beach Nasugbu Batangas


Tali Beach Nasugbu Batangas

Tuwang tuwa oh! Photo Credit: Riza Guanzon

Tali Beach Nasugbu Batangas

The ORIGINALS! with the Baby Ethan. Photo Credit: Marla Purugganan

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Tali Beach Nasugbu Batangas

Nasisilaw po ako, di ako nagpapakyut LOL!

By the time we prepared and had our lunch, I couldn’t help but look at my girlfriend, Eloi, and friends having a good time.

Tali Beach might not be considered a paradise-like beach, but it has lived up to its purpose for us, to finally have time to bond and build stronger friendship… relationships.

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How to get to Tali Beach – Guide and Tips

  1. If you are from Manila, take the South Luzon Expressway and exit in Santa Rosa. Better if you have your car or rent a car. The place is not suitable for commute or public transport.
  2. Go straight to Sta. Rosa Road, then Tagaytay Road. By the time you reach what they call the Rotunda, turn right to the Nasugbu Highway.
  3. Follow the Nasugbu town proper road by turning right when you reach the intersection (landmark: after Jollibee).
  4. Upon reaching another intersection where you’ll see a Shell Station of the left side corner, turn right again going to Nasugbu proper.
  5. Just pass through the main road, until you reach the town of Wawa where you’ll see a dead-end road, just turn right on the small road.
  6. The road will be mostly green and uphill, pass through the popular resorts in Batangas like Kawayan Cove, Terrazas de Punta Fuego.
  7. When you reach Maya Maya just go drive approximately a few meters more and you’ll see the guardhouse on the left. That is the main entrance to the subdivision where Tali Beach is located.
  8. Most of the vacation houses for rent there are located on the shoreline side. Just turn left on Seaside Road.
  9. Rates /price for the house for rent includes everything, so no more resort entrance fee will be collected.
  10. The house that we stayed in overnight, not for day tours or day trips. Also not advisable for DIY travel or walk-in as this is for reservation.
  11. Tali Beach is also popular for cliff diving.
  12. Not sure if this property is under AirBnb, but better to contact them directly, with details below.
  13. Update: The house that we rented now has a swimming pool!  (infinity and kiddie pool) Awesome right? Contact them below. I hope you enjoy reading this post and review of the property.

Feel free to contact the beach house owner. Here are the contact details. O917882876O or (O2)361.-O91. Or email them at talibeach@gmail.com.

  • For more updates about the rates and reservation process of the house we rented at Tali Beach, please visit this website, http://talibeach.blogspot.com/
  • For more details about Tali Beach and this beachfront house, check out this map provided by the owner of the house – MAP
  • For the House Rules and Important Reminders, Click here

Note: First published on  November 24, 2015
Updated for 2018  and 2021


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