Tambisaan Beach

Tambisaan Beach in Boracay

Our tour guide did not think twice about tagging Tambisaan beach as the second option.

“This is our port in times of bad weather. Our second option – as a beach and as a port,” he said. Let’s be honest here; it doesn’t sound right to be called an alternative or a second option. In any way or form, being a second option for someone is not something to be happy at all.

But by the time we arrived at Tambisaan beach, I thought well if being a second option can be this beautiful, I’ll take this anytime.Tambisaan Beach

Tambisaan Beach

If the other much famous beaches in Boracay are filled with establishments, hotels, and restaurants, Tambisaan beach is way different. The 500-meter coarse white sand is a lot peaceful with coconut trees, some cottages, and the locals’ houses. This is where you’ll find the authentic local vibe of the island.

This is also the jump-off to some of the famous snorkeling spots in Boracay, such as the Crocodile Island and Crystal Cove Island. As for us, we explored these snorkeling spots and islands first before docking at Tambisaan beach for lunch.


Lunch at Tambisaan Beach

In the long white sand beach, we spotted this small resort called Deo Anda Picnic House, where we had our lunch. The staff served us a long table of delectable dishes, boodle fight style. It was a feast of delicious seafood and some meat.

The food was also Instagram-worthy, so you know what happened even before eating time – there were a lot of Instagram stories and picture taking.

Tambisaan Beach

Tambisaan Beach

I love boodle fights because it satisfies everyone’s cravings. The serving is more than generous, and I like that you are free to pick and eat any food that you want. A lot would say that the boodle fight indeed strengthens the bond of the group. Well, that is true, but I am more focused on the fact that it genuinely fills and satisfies my food cravings.

There were a lot of crabs, shrimp, adobo, pansit, vegetables, and rice! Everyone was full after lunch.

Tambisaan Beach

The scorching heat of the sun did not hinder us from exploring more of the beach. Tambisaan might not be as beautiful as the main white beach of Boracay, but it has a distinct charm of its own. It’s peaceful oozing with an authentic local vibe that is rare to find in a touristy spot like Boracay.

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Tambisaan Beach

Before we even board the boat back for more water activities, we spotted this Korean family/ tourists, enjoying the sun and the sand of Tambisaan indeed, if you want a quick escape to a lot more peaceful vibe in Boracay, head on to Tambisaan Beach.

With everything, we experienced at Tambisaan – the food and the beach. I wouldn’t mind people calling this as just an alternative. I’ll take Tambisaan beach, any time of the day.

Address: Brgy. Manoc-Manoc, Boracay, Aklan


Note: Thank you to Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay for this awesome trip to the island. 

Tambisaan Beach Map

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