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Tondol Beach Anda Pangasinan

TONDOL BEACH in Anda, Pangasinan (Travel Guide & Story)

Tondol Beach is one of the best beaches in Pangasinan. It has a long and vast sandbar that can be explored during low tide especially early in the morning.

We had a great time on the beach, and it’s safe even for children. You can walk far from the shore but the water is still ankle to knee-deep. The view of the white sand beach with the surrounding nature is probably the best thing that Tondol beach can offer to any traveler.

I’ve realized that just a few years, we’ve already explored much of Pangasinan. It seems that this is our favorite province when it comes to beach and island getaway. So, since summer is approaching, I highly suggest that you take a look at Pangasinan, there are many gems here. Tondol should be on top of the list. Aside from this beach, I’ll list below the Pangasinan beaches that we’ve explored in the past years with its corresponding blog posts.

But now, let’s focus on Tondol Beach.Tondol Beach Anda Pangasinan


Where is Tondol Beach

Tondol Beach is located at the northern tip of Anda, Pangasinan. Anda is actually an island municipality. Honestly, I didn’t know that when I actually went to Tondol a few months ago. I just realized that when I did my research and checked the map. Man, Anda is actually an island, that used to be accessible only by boat across the Catubig Channel. The good thing is, in the early 1990s, a bridge was constructed to connect Anda to the mainland Pangasinan. Here’s the map of Tondol Beach.


Experience in Tondol Beach

It was a quite tiring commute going to Anda. It was more or less 6 hours but it was all worth it when we arrived in Tondol. It’s nice to visit a beach with less crowd. We intended to stay at JCT  Beach Resort but ended up staying at 828 Gems Beach Resort. No regrets, the people there are nice and accommodating, plus they have a better beachfront.

We really planned to just chill at the beach and all, but that morning, it was cloudy. Admit it, sometimes we couldn’t fully appreciate the beauty of the beach without the sun. While walking along the beach and back to our room, the woman in charge at the resort, asked if we would like to go for the island hopping. It seems like a nice idea, we can go island hopping for the day and hope for better weather tomorrow.

So we availed the island hopping for PHP 1500, visiting Panacalan Island located off the coast from the beach to the other side of Anda. When we arrived on the island, I told myself, well good thing we availed the island hopping!

Panacalan island is an islet, much like a sandbar that you’d probably think would be submerged into the water when high tide. It’s just a tiny island with a stunning sandbar. Look!

Panacalan Island Anda

Panacalan Island Anda

Panacalan Island


Panacalan Island Anda

San ba nakatingin?

Panacalan Island

Enjoy siya mag-bilad.

Map of Panacalan Island

We spent the entire morning at Panacalan island, just chilling at the sandbar and taking a lot of pictures. Since the island is in the middle of nowhere, there was some debris being washed off the island. Some are good and biodegradable like seagrass and all, but there are some plastics too. It’s just sad. Please take care of our environment and avoid single-use plastic.

After spending time at Panacalan like forever, we passed through Cory Island before heading back to Tondol Beach. It’s an islet full of dead corals.

It can be an exciting and new experience to some to find those tons of dead corals in one place, but for me, I find it creepy. LOL! I don’t know. The place is dull and definitely not pleasing to the eyes. But still, as a good Instagram boyfriend, I obliged some Instagrammable shots. Our bangkero said that this island was named after former President Corazon Cory Aquino, but he just couldn’t explain why other than this island became popular during Cory’s time. Okay. LOL!

Cory Island Anda Pangasinan

Cory Island. Full of dead corals

Map of Cory Island

We passed through Tanduyong Island which is just near the Tondol. Eloi, my girlfriend would want to explore it, but man, it was already late afternoon and I was so hungry, that I could even eat seagrass if I had to. LOL! Besides, it was about to rain, so we had to go back.

The next morning was just perfect to explore Tondol Beach. First, we had our breakfast at a nearby Tapsilogan which is delicious and cheap for only 75 pesos. You can actually ask for paluto to the resort for a small fee, but as for us, we wanted to have a quick breakfast and a nice coffee so we opted for the Tapsilogan. LOL!

We walked along the main road passing through some beach houses until reaching the “I love Tondol” sign. Of course, a picture is a must and we also walked through the entire area.

Tondol Beach (

Tondol Beach (

When we got back to Tondol beach, it was a perfect time. The sun was up with a blue sky and the beach is so white with a little bit of water and of course, the sandbar.

It’s true, Tondol is relaxing. This is a quite different experience from the usual beach where you walk onto the shore and then the waves touches your feet. Tondol is different. It’s a white beach with shallow water that when you walk there, you’d feel that you’re actually part of the ocean. The sand is also fine in most areas and you could even spot some schools of small fishes.

What a nice experience. Of course, reliving the moment isn’t enough. You need to take some photos. So there, I was the photographer again – kneeling, bending to get that good shot for my beautiful madam. LOL! Here are some of our photos. Overall, Tondol is a great experience. You should visit this place too. Plan your trip now, especially this coming summer.

Tondol Beach

Madam? san ang swimming?

Tondol Beach

Beautiful Madam

Tondol Beach

Gulat kayo, may pic din ako. LOL

Where to Stay at Tondol beach?

We stayed at 828 Gems Beach Resort. We got our room for PHP 2000. It was huge and I think even good for a group of friends can fit in. We had a good sleep and the people at the resort are nice and accommodating. They can also help you with the paluto and all of your food.

You can also check some Airbnb at Tondol beach, some are even as affordable as PHP1000 per night. This is a good way to save money on accommodation.  

828 Gems Beach Resort
Tondol, Anda, Pangasinan
Anda, Pangasinan 2405
0946 426 0476
Facebook Page: 828 Gems Beach Resort 

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How to get to Tondol Beach

Take an aircon bus going to Alaminos. These bus companies are Victory Liner, Five Star, Solid North, etc. from Cubao. Once you arrive in Alaminos, take the ordinary bus going to the town of Anda. Then take a tricycle going to Tondol Beach.

There is a bus that can take you directly to Anda. This is Five Star in Cubao, but this is an ordinary bus with quite an unstable schedule, so get in touch with Five Star for the latest updates.

For us, we still prefer the comfort of an aircon bus, so it’s okay with us to travel to Anda via Alaminos.

Panacalan Island Anda

Tondol Beach Travel Tips

  • The best time to visit Tondol beach is during summer to at least maximize the beauty of the beach. Dry months from January to May is also a good time to visit.
  • When going back to Manila from Tondol, we still traveled via Alaminos. It is a much easier route for us as the direct ordinary bus from Anda to Cubao has a quite unstable schedule. Besides, we prefer the comfortable air-con bus instead of an ordinary one.
  • If you travel there during the rainy season, aside from unpredictable weather, there might be a lot of seagrasses on the beach. It’s natural but definitely an unpleasant experience, right?
  • As for food, you have many options in Tondol. You can ask for paluto to your resort for s small fee, or eat at nearby Tapsilogan and carinderia in town. If you want the freedom of having your own place and cook your food anytime, avail an AIRBNB in Tondol. It’s like having your own place near the beach.
  • Mobile signal is available, so you can still be connected with friends and family.
  • You can also ask the resort for tent pitching. It’s as cheap as PHP 100.

UPDATE: Pangasinan has recently its doors to domestic tourists from MGCQ areas. Usually, the province doesn’t require travel authority nor medical certificates. But is it suggested to contact the LGU beforehand to make and clarify any requirements from the local government.

Updated on June 16, 2021


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