Secret Beach El Nido palawan

The SECRET BEACH of El Nido, Palawan

Our boat stopped at the end of huge rocks and limestones. I heard we were going to a Secret beach.

Well, it looks like it’s really a secret. Where’s the beach? Haha I could only see rocks and that’s it.

And we need to swim again. But where? I asked our guide. He said just follow around. Oh oh! It was only a matter of seconds when I realized people were swimming under those huge rocks!

I couldn’t quite see it, but I first thought, “maybe there’s a hole there”

So the swimming began, You know swimming the entire day made me realize that I move quite faster when I snorkel. And since, El Nido has really nice underwater world, I did.

And then oh my! I was surprised by what I saw. Haha, It was all black rocks and a dark underwater world. It was creepy and scary. Haha, it felt like a “shokoy” (you know shokoy?) would just appear from the deep sea to take you. Haha That’s the problem if you’re like me, who has a wild imagination. El Nido has some amazing corals and diving spots but not the part near the secret beach.

When I had a chance to get hold of Eloi, she also said she was afraid to snorkel. Haha

We tried to keep ourselves together during the swim, but the waves and currents were strong. I let her to be in front of me as much as possible so I could see her while swimming.

We finally made our way to the much-awaited spot. Yes, there’s a hole below the rock formation, and we need to swim and go through that hole to find the secret beach.

Swimmers only had a small portion at the top of their heads before they might hit the rocks above, so we were careful. Imagine if the sea level rises? What’s going to happen?

The waves made the water unstable. Are you brave enough to go?

Well, to hell with it. We will not back out El Nido! Just go! Haha

Armed with fighting spirit, we just went with it, We tried to swim fast because of the waves. For those who are not good swimmers, it was definitely a challenge, but you can do it.

Finally, we made it. Inside, there were people relaxing on the beach. There were many tourists but the place is unbelievable. Wow!

Secret Beach El Nido palawan


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Secret Beach El Nido palawan

the Beach

Again, you have to bring your aqua shoes with you. The rocks are sharp and painful at times.

Eloi and I found a good spot in the middle of these rocks and took some photos. It’s impossible for you to bring your phones and cameras without getting it wet, so I recommend to bring your action cam, go pro or a water-proof camera.

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Secret Beach El Nido palawan

Obviously, the secret beach is not so secret anymore haha

We tried to take some videos then went to the beach. We sat there and looked, enjoyed the beauty before our eyes.  Who would have thought that there is this hidden paradise behind these towering limestones?

Our tour guides and boatmen made another tremendous  effort to make our trip memorable by offering to take pictures of us as they climbed on top of a cliff.

Secret Beach El Nido palawan

oh ha! oh ha!

We stayed there for a few more minutes, enjoying the paradise that surrounds us. That’s really the best way to enjoy the Secret Beach. Just stay in one place, sit there and just be mesmerized with mother nature.

It felt like a place in a different realm. You just sit there and wonder until our guide told us that it was time to go back, that kinda’ awaken me from a dream. Haha

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Secret Beach El Nido Palawan

Going back. will pass that hole again haha

And then, I just told myself. “Oh my we’re going back, prepare for an endless swimming and adventure again. “ Hahaha!

Do you like this kind of adventure? Don’t miss the Secret Beach as part of Tour C when you travel to El Nido.

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Disclaimer: Our tour was complimentary of Northern Hope Tours. Check their website for inquiries and booking!

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