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Subo Boracay

Subo Boracay: The Island’s authentic Filipino food

Did we just enter an old Filipino house?

Being in Boracay, Philippines’ top tourist destination, you’d feel accustomed to the fibrant life – modern structures, shops, and designs. But nothing prepared us with had our dinner at Subo Boracay restaurant located at Calle Remedios at Station 3.

The restaurant is like an old, classic Filipino house – one that you’d see at Las Casas in Bataan or Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Well, the structure was transported piece by piece from Vigan, then rebuilt in Boracay to create this feeling of turning back times to the Spanish-colonial era.

More than anything, the classic structure complemented its menu. Of course, Subo Boracay Restaurant comes from the Tagalog word, subo, which means putting food into the mouth or simply, to feed. It aims to offer not just authentic Filipino dishes but to provide an extraordinary experience of how it is to be a Filipino.

Subo Boracay

Credit: Subo Boracay Facebook Page

The manager boasted that they genuinely value authentic Filipino food by sourcing only the fresh and natural ingredients, and by deviating on the now widespread practice of using all-in-one seasoning products to bring out the best taste. They only practice and promote the natural way of cooking.

So, the food started arriving on our long table. The Azalea Boracay Team has again ordered tons of food. All were delicious; I couldn’t help myself, which one to eat first. Let me share with you some dishes that stood out.


The Filipino Food Experience

Subo Boracay offers a wide array of dishes categorized as starters, seafood, main dishes, salads, soup, and a lot more.

Shall I say the starters are dishes that can already be considered as a main dish like Sisig and Ginataang Sugpo. It was supposed to be like appetizers but already looked for rice. Who would like Sisig? The popular Filipino dish that is sizzling hot, crispy, crunchy, and a little bit spicy. The Gambas con Chorizo is also pretty promising. The chorizo gave the seafood its distinct sweet taste. Again, where is the rice? Haha

Another dish that captured our attention was the Crispy Kangkong Nachos. A simple crispy kangkong is already delicious for me, but they gave it a different twist by putting Mango Salsa Cheese and, of course, the towering Spicy Cheese Rolls. The like the crispy spicy taste complementing with cheese.

Subo Boracay

Crispy Kangkong Nachos

Subo Boracay

Crispy Pata

In a matter of minutes, more dishes were taken out of the kitchen and straight to our table. We ordered extra rice when we feasted on the seafood and main dishes. Oh boy, we devoured on some Oysters, Garlic Buttered Shrimp, and the irresistible Crispy Pata. Plus, we also had some generous servings of vegetable and soup dishes.

Another dish that stood out was the Chicken Binakol because of its unique presentation of putting the soup in a coconut. It’s the slow-braised organic chicken with lemongrass and chili leaves. Being an organic explains why the chicken is not that meaty, but it tastes better with the soup.


Subo Boracay

Chicken Binakol

Subo Boracay

Yum yum

Honestly, we would love to eat more, but nope, we were already full. To cap off the experience, the staff performed a lovely cultural dance.

I know this dance. It’s a reminiscence of the dance presentations that we did in Grade school. Haha, If I’m not mistaken, this dance is called Subli, a cultural dance that originated from Luzon. I had the experience dancing this when I was in 3rd Grade. I’ll never forget those clacking sounds of wooden castanets gracefully moving to the tune of the guitar.

I had fun and enjoyed our dinner at Subo Boracay. It’s just nice to know that in a touristy place like Boracay, where everyone seems to be chasing the global food scene, there is a restaurant like Subo who stayed true to its roots – by offering food and Filipino experience to all local and international tourists.

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The Essentials

Address: Subo Boracay is located along Calle Remedios, Station 3
Boracay Island, Malay Aklan 5608, Philippines
Telephone: +63 36 288 2849
Mobile: +63 917 717 1535
Mobile: +63 946 505 3659
Email address:reservations@suboboracay.com
Email: suboboracay@gmail.com
Website: suboboracay.com

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