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Bangui Windmills: Ilocos Norte’s Iconic Tourism Destination

It was our last day in Ilocos Norte. Though it was a quite good morning for us, we couldn’t help but be sad that our Ilocos getaway was about to end.

Ilocos Region has so much beauty and potential, from the Spanish era churches, beaches to these man-made structures that are not just iconic but also beneficial to the community. And that day, we were about to explore the most popular structure in Ilocos Norte – the towering magnificence of Bangui windmills.

It was 2005 when the Bangui Wind Farm was inaugurated by then Ilocos Norte Governor Bongbong Marcos coined as the North Wind Bangui Bay Project. There were 15 turbines then until it was completed in 2008 with 20 huge turbines standing on the shores of Bangui in the North West tip of Luzon facing the West Philippine Sea (not South China Sea okay?)

Today these windmills generate 40% of electricity and power for the entire Ilocos Norte, and it’s environment friendly!

It was just a 30 minute drive from Pagudpud until we arrived at the shore of Bangui. From afar, we easily noticed the huge turbines.

We stayed in a souvenir shop that has a view deck of the windmills. There, we experienced a spectacular view of the turbines along the shore with a relaxing breeze from the West Philippine Sea.

Looking at the turbines was a different feeling. You always see photos of these windmills online and you already have an idea that these are huge, but still it will put you in awe the moment you see these before your eyes. It was like you were in front of a giant robot, and it has this colossal sound as it makes turns.

We enjoyed our stay at the view deck, and some of us managed to go down and walk along the beach and got closer to the turbines.

Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte
Good morning!
Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte
Hey, it’s me. LOL!

Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte

The best Bangui windmill experience for me was our breakfast. Yes, food will always be part of it. Haha!

My favorite longsilog was even more delicious when savored with the relaxing wind from the sea and the spectacular view of the windmills. And of course, it is best enjoyed while sipping my favorite coffee.

Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte
Coffee? 🙂

This is the first in the Philippines. A feat for tapping alternative and renewable energy. Since then more projects and research were launched in search of the next windmills in the country. Imagine a day when we don’t need to settle for energy that causes pollution. A day when our electricity is clean and renewable generated by these windmills.

Bangui Windmill is not just a huge leap for tourism but also for a better and greener environment.



Bangui Windmill Facts

  • Each unit is 70 meter high (230ft)
  • Turbines are arranged on a 9 kilometer shoreline of Bangui
  • Each is capable of producing 1.65 MW, for a total of 24.75 MW.

Hotels and Accomodation in Bangui?

There is a beach resort  that you can check out in Bangui. Below are the details.

Villa Fernando Beach Resort
Location Poblacion, Bangui and this resort has 9 guest rooms
Telephone +63 77-764-3079

Bangui is just a 30 minute drive from Pagudpod. You can check-in in a hotel or resort there to enjoy the beach and then do a sidetrip to the windmills. These are highly recommended.

  • Casa Consuelo Resort (Check Room Rates Here!)  – one of the most popular resort in the region with the breathtaking view of the Don Hermanos Island.
    P. Paterno St., Barangay Balaoi, Sitio Baniaran, Pagudpud, Pagudpud, Philippines 2019



Bangui Windmills Map


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  1. Seeing these windmills are on my bucket list! When we went to Manila last April, we visited Rizal so we were able to see their own version at Pililla. It was majestic and had a great view too! 🙂


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