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Just recently, I find death scenes on TV a bit weird and funny.

Those scenes when the actor would act lifeless and then followed by a dramatic song. He was trying to say something then closed his eyes, turned his head sideways, and then died. Some of the directors include shots of the hand falling from the side of the bed.

At one point I ask, “Is this how we make TV dramas?”

And then I realized, with all honesty, this just boils down to the fact that I find these scenes fake, because I know how a person dies. I just know it because I’ve seen it, felt its immensity when my father passed away. I was holding his hands so tight, looking at this face, counting the rhythm of his breathing. He was so weak he could not even blink his eyes, it was just open looking from afar.

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Aguinaldo Shrine Kawit Cavite
Aguinaldo Shrine

Three years ago, I transferred residence in Cavite.

Living in the crowded city and enduring the flood for so many years, Cavite has been a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively.Our home is just near the rice fields and trees so it’s very relaxing. Though it is quite far from work and in the city, I have no right to complain because our place also gives me the needed relaxation during weekends and holidays.

Enough of my story. What I just wanted to point out is, when I transferred to Cavite, I have been wanting to visit some of the historical sites in the province, like the Aguinaldo Shrine, the symbol of independence of our country.

I’ve been wanting that, planning and re-planning, and checking how this would fit in my busy schedule. Naks! LOL! I had so many travels at that time.

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Potipot Island Candelaria Quezon
Failed Jump shot!

I can say I was normal, a few years ago. Haha!

I was like, the majority of us, who think that to live a satisfactory life, one must kill himself with work, and if ever he needs a break like a vacation, well he can do that just once a year.

Yes. Once a year. You read it right. It’s clearly way different from what I am right now who tries to explore new places for like once or twice a month.

But I had to be honest, that was me. That was my life. I focused too much on work, thinking that money and material things are the only way to go. Then if I need to travel, I just have to wait for my friends so we can travel together, once a year.

For me, the word “wait” is big” . After learning much about life from my travels, I realized that the word wait is dangerous.

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Lake Sebu zipline South Cotabato

Have you experienced that, when you thought of wanting something then you realize one day it’s already happening? And you couldn’t help but express your gratitude and amazement.

That happened to me when I first saw on TV a video of a traveler doing the zipline in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. By the time he raised his camera (or GoPro), it felt like I was the one doing the zipline. I was in awe of the spectacular view of the waterfalls below.

The Lake Sebu zipline is the highest zipline not just in the Philippines but in Southeast Asia. And the problem is, that can be terrifying for someone like me who has somekinda’ fear of heights. Haha! But I was surprised with myself, that I was really determined to try it. I even planned to go to Lake Sebu maybe next year to come face to face with this of adventure.

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Mindanao, Philippines

Bla'an Tampakan South Cotabato


The call time was 7AM.

Just a few minutes before that, I was already at the premises of Social Action Center or SAC of Diocese of Marbel in Koronadal, South Cotabato. It was not an ordinary day for this inspiring team who has been working hard to protect the welfare of the indigenous people. Our destination that morning – to the mountainous town of Tampakan.

I traveled all the way to South Cotabato as part of the SOS Diaries project of Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc. or PMPI, an NGO that upholds environment protection as well as the rights of indigenous people. I was there to write and share the stories of people under imminent threat of mining like the current situation of the Bla’an tribe, one of the largest indigenous people of Southern Mindanao.


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When I wrote my blog post about the beautiful island of Calaguas, I remember mentioning about sharing my island hopping experience there. I apologize if it took me months before sharing this one with you, but I guess this is the most appropriate time because it’s summer!

One of the best things about Calaguas is experienced in the morning. Imagine waking up in this paradise – white sand and clear blue water. And then you’re with your beloved one. Yiihiii!

We had our breakfast first and told our guide that we were going to avail the island tour for an additional fee. Rates is 2,500 Php with maximum number of 15 people.  Mahabang Buhangin is the main island/beach in Calaguas. It is 1.7 km. long stretch of powdery white sand with its pristine water, best enjoyed through beach bumming and swimming. This is where the travelers’ camp.


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Alibijaban Island San Andres Quezon
That’s us! Thank you Joey Dionisio for this photo.

I’ve been reading a lot of good things about Alibijaban island. Of how over the years this island in the municipality of San Andres, in the southern tip of Quezon province has become a destination of adventurers and budget travelers. Those who are seeking some white pristine beach to escape the stress and traffic of the city.

There are a lot of photos of Alibijaban online, that’s why it’s impossible for every traveler not to wish to experience this island. Good thing when we availed the Burias Island, Masbate tour, there’s a sidetrip to Alibijaban. Yehey!


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Dapa Island Burias Island Masbate

Dapa Island – the first island to explore in our Burias, Masbate Island Hopping Experience. Our tour coordinator mentioned that this is sometimes called as the Snake Island because of its naturally shaped cave and rocks which are believed to be the home of some sea snakes. Yikes!

It was about two hour boat ride from our jump off at San Andres port.The island has a different appeal, not the usual island paradise that we all think of. It has narrow shores with rugged features and rock formations. But once we got closer, we all agreed that the best about this island is its clear turquoise water.


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Holi Festival 2016 Manila
Holi Hai!

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on social media of people with their full smile with dyed colors on their faces and shirt for the past years.

I tried to google it once, and found out that this is actually an Indian Festival called Holi! I thought it was just a party where people throw color powder on one another. But when I got the chance to attend the Holi festival this year, I realized it’s more than that.

Holi Festival is a celebration in India for the arrival of Spring. It has its story and history associated with their Hindu gods but now, the festival is being celebrated all over the world as a symbol of love and positivity. Of course, this festivity has been embraced by the Philippines, not only because of the growing Indian communities in the country but because of its positive message to the world – as the festival of love and color. READ MORE

Mindanao, Philippines

Davao City Duterte
Credit: Davao – Keith Bacongco / Creative Commons

“Thank you!” (with a sarcastic smile)

The taxi driver told me when I gave him 100 pesos for my 80 peso bill. It was a sign. It was his unusual way of telling me, he’s not going give me my change.

Come on. I am used to this. Most of the taxi drivers in Manila are like this, so I really intended to tell him to keep the change. He doesn’t need to trick me and flash that mocking smile.

Again, I was about to tell him to keep that f*ckin’ change!

So I was really frustrated by what he did. His “thank you” should be intended as a way of gratitude and not as a way to deceive me. I was about to give him a chance to be nice and fair, why did he do that?!