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CEBU PACIFIC PROMO & Seat Sale 2024 (PISO Fare & More)

Just 26 days left until New Year’s! Start traveling now with our CEB Seat Sale. Fly to places like Macau, Taipei, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh for as low as P599 one-way (excluding fees and surcharges). Book your trip from now until December 14, 2023, and you can travel anytime until May 31, 2024.

Sale Period: Dec. 1 to 14, 2023
Travel Period: Dec. 1 to May 31, 2024
Secure your seat by booking at

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Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Dec 5



Cebu Pacific Promo and Seat Sales

When it comes to promo fares, seat sales, and Piso fare, nothing beats Cebu Pacific. The largest airline in the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific’s growth over the years is evidence of the support of the Filipinos for their mission of bringing air travel closer to every “Juan” by launching seat sales and promos that are popular among budget travelers.

Aside from that, Cebu Pacific has given hope to those people who wanted to come back to their hometowns after years of working in the city. Their Piso fares and promos have become an instrument in making their dreams become a reality.

Cebu Pacific is launching seat sales almost every month, and a few times a year, they’re launching their biggest promo which is the “Piso fare” or one peso fare! Through this, Cebu Pacific can offer one peso base fare to its customers. Adding the taxes and other charges, with Piso fare, a traveler can book a ticket with less than 500 pesos all in!

But time has changed. Gone were the days when you could easily book a seat sale on their website because now, it has become tougher and tougher. Competition is so stiff that Cebu Pacific’s website crashes during promos due to a huge volume of site traffic. So for the next Cebu Pacific promo, you have to be fast and smart to snag that booking.

I can attest that these promos are huge savings for a budget traveler like me. Although getting a booking is getting harder, these seat sales are legit. You just have to understand that Cebu Pacific is only allotting a limited number of seat sales so it is really for the fastest and the most patient who will win these bookings. Here, I’ve listed some of my tips to snag that ticket.



Tips for Booking Cebu Pacific Seat Sale


1 . Make sure you have a fast internet connection
Being able to book and push through with the process until payment is not an assurance that you have the coveted seat sale. There are times that at the last part of the game, and once refreshed, you’d realize someone got the deal from you because they were faster, or maybe their internet connection.

Do not rely on your slow data connection. I am not going to mention the Telcos here but I guess you are already aware of the fact that the Philippines has one of the slowest internet connections in Asia. Something that Telcos in the country should be working on due to the internet in the Philippines is not cheap.

So make sure you have a strong internet connection. Go for a slightly expensive internet connection but more reliable.

2. Book fast and have your travel details prepared
Indecision is your enemy when booking seat sales. You have to be fast to click, and you should be clear with what you want, so prepare your travel details in advance. Before even sitting in front of your laptop or clicking your phone, you should be certain enough of the travel dates and destinations that you’re going to book. A minute of pausing and thinking will cost you your precious seat sale! If you’re going to book with a friend, make sure you have your friends’ details, especially the passport details when booking an international flight.

3. Do not book your ticket by a group at once. Better to book per one person or two
You have to understand that seat sales only have limited slots for booking, and based on experience when you book by group or more than 2 persons at once it is seldom to happen that the discounted rates will show up. Book per person because that’s when the promo fare will be displayed. I think it is the system’s way of giving equal opportunity to all customers.

4. Be Ready. Have a plan B.
That’s life. We don’t always get what we want, and when it comes to booking seat sales when you feel that one particular destination is hopeless, you should have a Plan B. Just like in Step 2, in aiming for your plan B, have your travel details ready and always book fast!

5. Still, patience is a virtue.
Booking seat sales is getting tougher each year, and you need lots of patience to be able to snag that ticket! You will experience countless website downtime and errors as well as tons of rejection – you know that feeling that you thought that you already booked it but when the site refreshed at the last part of the booking, you lost again. Someone is a lot more talented and faster than you, but you don’t need to give up. You start booking again at step 1.


Be updated on the next seat sales and promos

When you learned about the promo earlier, you are slightly ahead of the competition so you have to be updated. Here are some ways to keep in the loop for the next Cebu Pacific promo and Piso fare! Here are the steps to do so you don’t need to constantly ask when is the next piso fare.

  1. Like Cebu Pacific Air Facebook Page – In the age of technology, social media companies are fast in updating their social channels for important announcements. In the case of Cebu Pacific, they usually post their seat sales at midnight or a few minutes after midnight. If you don’t want to miss out, once you like the page, set your following setting to “See First.” So whenever you open your Facebook account, you’ll always see updates from Cebu Pacific first. Here’s the Facebook Page of Cebu Pacific.
  1.  Subscribe to Cebu Pacific’s Newsletter – Whenever there’s a new promo, Cebu Pacific is also sending emails to their subscribers or email list. Through this, you will also be updated for any new promos, but be sure to check your mail every day, okay? To subscribe, click this link, Cebu Pacific.
  1. Like Jon to the World Facebook Page – I am doing my best to always be updated with the latest promos and seat sales of Cebu Pacific. So if there is any news about the airlines like Piso fare, we’ll update asap our social channels. Like our Facebook here, Jon to the World.

QUICK TIP: Compare rates of plane tickets – Some apps and websites will enable you to check on the prices of a certain destination from the different airlines and compare. Skyscanner is one of the most trusted sites to compare plane tickets. Download it here and get the best prices for tickets.


How to Book a Cebu Pacific Promo

Now that you are already briefed on what should be prepared in advance before embarking on a tough seat sale online booking process, here are the steps to book your Cebu Pacific promo tickets.

Remember, please ensure that you have a fast internet connection, and you’re going to be as fast as you can be in clicking these promos.

  1. Go to the official website of Cebu Pacific
  2. Fill out the important travel details – like destination, origin, travel dates, and also the number of travelers. On the homepage, you will immediately see the part where you can book your ticket. It occupies the biggest part of the homepage with the question, where would you like to go?

Based on my experience, when you try to book by batch or with several people at once, the promos and seat sales don’t show up. So it is advised to book by one or two persons only. I think this is Cebu Pacific’s way of ensuring that they provide equal opportunity for all to book the promos.

  1. Click “Find Flights” Remember there are a lot of people trying to book online during this time so it might be possible that you will wait for a few minutes to be directed to the next page.
  1. Choose the date of your flights – You will be directed to a page that shows the dates as well as the lowest rates below. You can check the rates and adjust the date of your flight depending on the price.  At the upper right corner of the page, you will see the Booking summary with the total price.
  1. Log in to your Getgo account if you have one, or log in as a guest. Then enter the guests’ details. Provide the guest information like Name, Birthday Nationality, etc.
  1. Optional Add-ons – Honestly I don’t usually use this add-on part Hahaha! The purpose why you are trying your best to catch that seat sale is that you wanted to get the cheapest price, so why bother with additional baggage allowance, meals, etc? But in case you needed these optional add-ons, who can get these in this part.
  1. Review then Pay – You have the option to pay using your credit card, Paypal, debit card, or other payment centers. You can book it directly and no need for any promo code or voucher.

Check the Cebu Pacific website here for the complete schedule and prices this 2023.


How to do the Online Check-in (Mobile and Web)

It is always advisable to check in online all the time especially if you don’t have any luggage to check in. Experience the comfort of having your boarding pass from the comfort of your home or office. Then, once you arrive at the airport, you can just go straight to the Boarding gate, and no need to experience to queue (especially for domestic).

You can get your boarding pass as early as seven days before your flight. Here are the steps to do the online check-in.

  1. You can check in via the Cebu Pacific App or by visiting the Cebu Pacific website either by phone or laptop.
  2. To check in via the Cebu Pacific App, You must be a GetGo member to log in. From the home screen, select the flight that you want by tapping the check-in icon. You can also access check-in from the menu bar, which is located in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. For the domestic flight, tick the box next to the passenger you want to check-in. For international flights, also tick the box next to the passenger that you want to check in then click on enter passport details. Then fill out the passport details. Make sure it is complete.
  4. You may view the list of reminders and restricted items. Tick the Agreement box to continue.
  5. You will now get your digital boarding pass.
  6. To check in via the mobile web, go to Click Check in to retrieve your flight details. If you log in as a guest, input your booking reference number and surname, then click continue.
  7. If you booked using your GetGo Account, enter your membership number and password then click continue.
  8. Select the flights you want to check in. For international flights, you must enter your passport details. After that, you have the option to choose your add-ons.
  9. You will now see your booking summary. Review the details then click continue.
  10. Tick the box to confirm that you understand all the security reminders and details.
  11. Click check in now, and your boarding pass is now ready!


MORE IN THIS BLOG POST: How to check in online with Cebu Pacific

For the complete and more visual steps, please watch this video on how to process the online check-in.


Reminder for Hand Carry Bags

Based on the latest advisory of Cebu Pacific last July 2, only 2 bags are allowed for hand carry items.

It can be one smaller bag that you may place under the seat in front of you and another one hand-carry luggage or bag that you may put inside the stowage bin.

Please be reminded that it is not allowed to bring many small bags anymore which a lot of passengers have been doing in the past. This is to ensure a fast and efficient boarding process.


Prohibited Items for Hand Carry 

These items are not allowed in passengers’ hand carry.

  1. Food – Cooked food with sauces, fresh or frozen meat, canned drinks, and canned goods.
  2. Liquids (more than 100 ML) – Includes medicines and toiletries
  3. Sports Equipment – Sports rackets, golf clubs and balls, fishing rods and hooks, basketball, etc.
  4. Wires and Cables – Extension cords, telephone wires, copper wires, electrical cables, etc. except for cellphone chargers.
  5. Umbrella – All types of umbrellas.
  6. Bladed and Pointed Items – Nail cutter, nippers, swiss knife, cutter, scissors, tweezers, etc.


About Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific Air (PSE: CEB) entered the aviation industry in March 1996 and pioneered the “low fare, great value” strategy. We have since then flown over 150 million passengers and counting.

Cebu pacific Mission and Vission

​Mission – “Why everyone flies.​”  ​ ​​​
Cebu Pacific brings people together through safe, affordable, reliable, and fun-filled air travel.
We are committed to innovation and excellence in everything we do.
We are an employer of choice providing opportunities for professional and personal growth.
We have a deep sense of family values throughout our airline.
We enhance the quality of life of the communities we serve and are an active partner in our nation’s progress.
We offer our shareholders a fair return on their investments.

Our Vision
Cebu Pacific: The most successful low-cost carrier in the world​​​​


FAQ: Cebu Pacific Promo & Seat Sale

1. What is the Cebu Pacific Promo & Seat Sale?
The Cebu Pacific Promo & Seat Sale is a special offering by Cebu Pacific, one of the Philippines’ leading budget airlines. During these sales, travelers can avail of discounted ticket prices to various destinations, making air travel more affordable.

2. How often does Cebu Pacific have seat sales?
Cebu Pacific frequently offers seat sales throughout the year. The most notable ones are during special occasions like the airline’s anniversary, Philippine holidays, and major sale events like the “Piso Fare” promos.

3. How can I be updated on the latest seat sales and promotions?

To stay updated, it’s recommended to:

  • Subscribe to the Cebu Pacific newsletter.
  • Follow Cebu Pacific on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Regularly check the official Cebu Pacific website.

4. Is there a limit to the number of promo seats available?
Yes, promo seats are limited and often get booked quickly. It’s always best to act fast when a seat sale is announced to secure the best rates.

5. How do I book a promo fare?
You can book Cebu Pacific promo fares through their official website, mobile app, authorized travel agents, or at their ticketing offices. Just make sure to select the promo fare option when searching for flights.

6. Are there any hidden charges with promo fares?
Promo fares usually only cover the base fare. There may be additional charges like taxes, terminal fees, and baggage fees. Always review the total fare and inclusions before finalizing your booking.

7. Can I refund or rebook my promo fare ticket?
Promo fares are typically non-refundable. However, rebooking may be possible with a fee. It’s essential to check the specific terms and conditions associated with the promo fare you’re availing.

8. Why can’t I find promo fares for my desired travel dates?
Promo fares are subject to availability. If you can’t find promo fares for your preferred dates, it could be that they are already sold out or those dates are excluded from the promotion. It’s advisable to have flexible travel dates to increase your chances of availing promo fares.

9. Are promo fares available for both domestic and international flights?
Yes, Cebu Pacific offers promo fares for both domestic and international destinations. However, the availability of these promos can vary based on the route and travel period.

10. Can I avail of promo fares during peak seasons?
While it’s less common, Cebu Pacific sometimes offers seat sales even during peak seasons. However, these get booked rapidly due to the high demand, so it’s crucial to stay updated and act fast.


Old Cebu Pacific Promos and Seat Sales

December 3, 2023

It’s December. Christmas is near! It’s the perfect time to start a new journey. With fares of just P299 one-way (plus fees and surcharges), why not explore places like Cebu, Davao, Laoag, and Boracay from Manila? Hurry, book by December 5 at Cebu Pacific!

Sale Period: Dec. 1 to 5, 2023
Travel Period: Dec. 1 to May 31, 2023
Secure your seat by booking at

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Dec 2

November 28, 2023

Another seat sale from Cebu Pacific! Fly to Asian destinations like Bangkok, Incheon, Hong kong, Macau, Taipei and more for as low as P399 one-way base fare! Book now.

Sale Period: Nov. 26 to Nov. 30, 2023
Travel Period: Feb. 1 to May 31, 2024
Secure your seat by booking at

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Nov 28

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November 21, 2023

Are you ready for an adventure? Secure your spot early with this exclusive #CEBSeatSale, offering one-way base fares starting at only P199 to various local destinations including Davao, Dumaguete, and Cagayan de Oro! Embrace the opportunity to travel more with #LetsFlyEveryJuan from April 1 to June 30, 2024. Make sure to book your tickets by November 24.

Sale Period: November 17 to November 27, 2023
Travel Period: April 1, 2024 to June 30, 2024
Secure your seat by booking at

Cebu Pacific Promo Nov 21

November 8, 2023

Discover incredible travel deals with CEBSuperSeatFest! Imagine flying to destinations such as Davao, Dumaguete, Tacloban, Laoag, Taipei, Macau, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, and more, with one-way base fares starting at just P1 (excluding fees and surcharges). Get ahead of the 11.11 sales rush by booking from November 8-11, 2023. Set your travel dates for April 1 to October 31, 2024.

Sale Period: November 8 to November 11, 2023
Travel Period: April 1, 2024 to October 31, 2024
Secure your seat by booking at

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Cebu Pacific Seat Sale 11.11

November 3, 2023

The beauty of the Philippines is truly breathtaking, isn’t it? Now’s your perfect opportunity to travel within the country because Cebu Pacific’s PINASaya and PINASulit deals offer one-way base fares starting at just ₱199 (excluding fees and surcharges) to Davao, Ozamis, Laoag, and more local destinations! Take advantage of this sale and book your tickets by November 15th to travel anytime up to March 31st, 2024. Don’t miss out and let’s take to the skies together! ✈ #LetsFlyEveryJuan

Sale Period: November 1 to November 15, 2023
Travel Period: November 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024
Secure your seat by booking at

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Nov 3



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