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Valenciana Festival

VALENCIANA FESTIVAL of Gen. Trias, Cavite (Street Dance & Cooking Contest)

I’ve been a resident of Gen. Trias, Cavite for more than 10 years, but this was the first time I experienced celebrating the Valenciana Festival.

The Valenciana Festival of Gen. Trias, Cavite is an annual celebration every December to commemorate the founding anniversary of the city and to celebrate the city’s local dish, Valenciana.

Valenciana is a Filipino paella dish that is popular in the city for its cultural and historical significance. Originating from more than 300 years of Spanish colonization in the Philippines, the people of Gen. Trias created their own variety of the dish, resulting in Valenciana. This dish has become popular in Gen. Trias and is deeply ingrained in the city’s culture and heritage.

To celebrate this dish, Gen. Trias began celebrating the Valenciana Festival many years ago, commemorating the city’s founding anniversary.

When you visit Gen. Trias, you can try Valenciana from local eateries and cafes like Jams Cafe located in the city center. They offer many variations and toppings for Valenciana, such as lumpia, menudo, and barbecue, priced between 60 and 150 pesos.

There are various festivities and events to check out during the Valenciana Festival, one of which is the Street Dance Parade and competition.

Since I started making videos about festivals last year, I made sure to witness and experience this parade and street dance.

I went to the road in front of the Gen. Trias Public Market to watch and take videos of the students and participants of the street dance.


Street Dance Performance

More than 10 schools participated in the street dance, and it was nice to see kids enjoying themselves, performing, and celebrating the festivities with all smiles.

Some of the standout performances for me were from the Gov. Ferrer High School cluster, Santiago National High School, and Luis Ferrer High School. I couldn’t imagine the hard work and creativity of these students, dancing the entire afternoon during the street dance and then performing another main presentation at the city plaza. Their energy was unbelievable and infectious.

Valenciana Festival

Valenciana Festival

After the street dance, the students prepared for the main presentation at the city plaza. Participants got the chance to showcase their talent and creativity in a routine entirely different from the street dance. These kids really put in so much effort and hard work to put on a great show.

Here’s the full video that I took during the Street Dance Parade of the Valenciana Festival in Gen. Trias.

After the performance, the winners were announced, and here’s the list:

CHAMPION: Governor Ferrer Cluster (Gov. Luis A. Ferrer Jr. East National High School and Gov. Ferrer Memorial Integrated National High School)
1st RUNNER-UP: Luis Y. Ferrer Jr. Senior High School
2nd RUNNER-UP: Santiago Integrated National High School
Best in Costume: Luis Y. Ferrer Jr. Senior High School
Best in Theme/Concept: Luis Y. Ferrer Jr. Senior High School
Most Disciplined School: Governor Ferrer Cluster (Gov. Luis A. Ferrer Jr. East National High School and Gov. Ferrer Memorial Integrated National High School)
Best Music: Mother Theresa School
Best Introduction: Luis Y. Ferrer Jr. Senior High School
Valenciana Cooking Competition


Valenciana Cooking Contest 

Another exciting event of the Valenciana Festival is the Valenciana Cooking Contest. This is participated in by 33 barangays of the city, who battle it out for the championship title for the best-tasting Valenciana.

This year, the cooking competition was held at Barangay Santiago in Gen. Trias. After the event, here are the declared winners for cooking the best Valenciana:

Valenciana Festival Cooking Contest

From GenTri Tourism, Culture and the Arts

CHAMPION: Barangay Javalera
1st RUNNER-UP: Barangay San Juan I
2nd RUNNER-UP: Barangay San Francisco
After participating in and witnessing the grand festivities of the latest Valenciana Festival, I promised myself that this will become an annual activity for me to celebrate this festivity in my city.


More of Valenciana Festival

1. What is the Valenciana Festival?
The Valenciana Festival is an annual celebration in Gen. Trias, Cavite, held every December. It commemorates the founding anniversary of the city and celebrates the local dish, Valenciana.

2. What is Valenciana?
Valenciana is a Filipino paella dish with a unique twist from Gen. Trias. It has roots in the Spanish colonial era but has been adapted locally and is a beloved part of the city’s culture.

3. When is the Valenciana Festival held?
The festival takes place every December, aligning with the city’s founding anniversary celebrations.

4. What are the main events of the Valenciana Festival?
The festival features several key events, including the Street Dance Parade and competition, and the Valenciana Cooking Contest.

5. What is the Street Dance Parade?
The Street Dance Parade is a lively competition where students from various schools perform choreographed dances in the streets, showcasing their talent and creativity.

6. Who participates in the Street Dance Parade?
More than 10 schools from Gen. Trias participate in the Street Dance Parade, with students enthusiastically performing for the community.

7. What is the Valenciana Cooking Contest?
The Valenciana Cooking Contest is a culinary competition where 33 barangays of Gen. Trias compete to cook the best Valenciana. It’s a highlight for food enthusiasts.

8. Where can I try Valenciana during the festival?
You can try Valenciana at local eateries and cafes around Gen. Trias, like Jams Cafe in the city center, which offers various versions of the dish.

9. Are there any awards given during the festival?
Yes, there are awards for the best performances and dishes, including categories like Best in Costume, Best in Theme/Concept, and the best-tasting Valenciana in the cooking contest.

10. Can visitors attend the Valenciana Festival?
Absolutely! The Valenciana Festival is open to everyone, and visitors are welcome to join in the celebrations, enjoy the performances, and taste the delicious Valenciana.

Valenciana Festival


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